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Christmas concert photo 1.jpg

Left to right: Mayor Bruce Davidson, Councillor David Roach, Celia Mathews, John Clenaghan. Taken at our Christmas Concert 2022. 

Mayor Bruce Davidson giving an address at our Christmas Concert, December 2022.

Opera choruses pic 4.jpg

Haverhill Singers and Halstead Choral Society. Taken at our Opera Choruses Concert, March 2023. 

Halstead Choral Society conductor, James Davey with soprano and tenor soloists, Sara Brimer Davey and Ben Thapa, and the Mayors of Haverhill and Halstead (Bruce Davidson and Jackie Pell). Taken at our Opera Choruses Concert, March 2023. 

Summertime concert pic.jpeg

Haverhill Singers, taken at our Summertime Concert, July 2023. 

Summertime concert Matthew, Celia, Mayor.jpeg

Left to right: Mayor David Smith, Celia Mathews, Dr Matthew Olyver, Councillor Liz Smith. Taken at our Summertime Concert 2023. 

HS Spring Concert 2022.jpg
HS Come and Sing 2022.jpg
Opera Choruses concert poster jpeg.png
ITL poster 4.jpg
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